Welcome to the world
of magical mushrooms!
Discover our unique forest where each mushroom is a marvel of interactivity.
enchanted: Mushrooms respond to your cursor.
reactive: most mushrooms descend with interaction.
exploration: nearly every corner reacts to you.
Fiery Heart
The red mushroom guards the fiery crystal, ablaze with energy and warmth.
Forest Star
Among the green mushrooms hides the star crystal, symbolizing life force and growth.
Misty Dawn
The lilac mushroom shelters the misty crystal, the embodiment of dreams and inspiration.
Azure Depth
Beneath the gentle blue mushroom lies the azure crystal, a source of tranquility and wisdom.
Join us on this magical journey!
Immerse yourself in this unforgettable world of magic, where mushrooms and crystals blend in harmony, inviting you on an amazing adventure filled with discovery and beauty. Uncover every secret hidden in this wondrous forest.
Join us